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Italian Furniture Collections



Dolce Vita is a furniture collection designed to bestow to the home the unmistakable elegance of the art deco style.

Each piece of furniture highlights the geometric lines and elegant details that make the main settings of your home sophisticated and cosy. Parlour, bedroom and living room are dressed in a new, straightforward style marked by clean lines and graceful shapes together with the refinement of materials and precious finishes.

Dolce Vita, between modern design and classic Italian taste, shines with a unique style that makes it extremely versatile and ideal for all the living spaces. The art deco style enjoyed its greatest success in the 1920s, thanks to the advent of the industrial era, and became a much sought-after style not only for the most luxury-oriented flats, but also in convivial settings such as bars and restaurants.

Its appeal to modernity made it particularly popular in Europe and America, becoming a symbol of the bright future to come.


The bedroom by Dolce Vita is all about relaxation as well as being a layout created using furniture with a notable visual appeal. Each piece designed for this important room in the home is all about Italian design and the very best in comfort, giving you the possibility to decorate your room so that it is versatile, functional, and with all the luxury that comes from a modern, elegant setting with the added sophisticated effect that only the finest furniture can offer.

Being able to welcome guests and spend time in a living room furnished with the Dolce Vita range means enjoying an exclusive experience. This is another stunning collection with no shortage of decorative or functional potential. Geometric shapes, contrasting colours, bevelled corners, and solid surfaces are just some of the technical and aesthetic features used to create each stylish furniture piece from this line. With the Dolce Vita lo furnishing range, art deco style can become a part of what makes your home so elegant.

The solidity of the wall units pairs beautifully with the elegance of the decorative features, while the softness of the seats offers a warm welcome and precious, eye-catching workmanship. The Dolce Vita range is more than a simple collection designed to fit out one of the most important rooms in your home; it also brings together the elements used to create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere that fully reflects the image of comfort and style that is typical of both classical and contemporary Italian furniture.

Arredo Classic - Dolce Vita Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Dolce Vita Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Dolce Vita Living Room Collection





Donatello is the Arredoclassic collection that embodies all the Renaissance decorations with exquisite classical taste, thanks to the friezes and embellishments that characterise each piece of furniture.

A furniture collection that meets the needs and wishes of those who know, appreciate and seek the luxury of true Italian handcrafted furniture to furnish their homes. The decorative richness is skilfully balanced with the use of just two finishes, dark walnut and gold, a combination of colours with timeless appeal that further enhances the elegance and indelible beauty of each furniture component.

Donatello is the perfect Arredoclassic collection to make your own home unique, full of luxury and elegance, a place to welcome guests, friends and family with pleasure.


The bedroom from the Donatello collection stands as a reference point for those in search of a luxurious environment, and which regardless of the wealth of decorative detailing and gilt ornamentation, never forsakes elegance – the trademark of what makes Italian design great worldwide. The sleeping area rooms from the Donatello collection skilfully marry sophisticated decorative motifs such as: ornamentation, finials and warm colours of the walnut finishes inspired by precious wood – creating the perfect balance between splendour and sobriety.

The dining room from the Donatello collection has been conceived as a place of absolute beauty, perfect for celebrating the art of good living and hospitality so important to the charm of Italian culture and style. Every detail from the hand applied gilding on the frieze elements and finials to the study of decorative motifs to embellish the semi-gloss surfaces of the refined woods, has been designed for you and your guests’ pleasure. The Donatello collection is conceived to leave a trace of indelible beauty.

The pen behind the design of the Donatello collection never seems to leave the page. The dynamism of the sinuous elegant lines of the moulding and gilt decoration permeate all the pieces in the Donatello living room. A stylistic wealth entices the eye to gaze upon every detail of your furniture, which as the great Florentine sculptor taught, brings to life a work of art. The Donatello living room is rich, elegant and intense like a sculpture which never ceases to amaze.

Arredo Classic - Donatello Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Donatello Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Donatello Living Room Collection





Fantasia brings back the harmony and elegance of neoclassical lines, translating the majestic atmosphere of the Empire style into a contemporary way.

The design proportionally balances Greek and Roman influences, generating soft, sinuous volumes.

Elegant decorated frames and marble surfaces combine in a refined synergy that is the result of Arredoclassic’s 100% Made in Italy work.


Structural lines essential and marble surfaces give life to a unique and exclusive design inside the Fantasia bedroom. Precious and original details enrich the formal and material balance between modern and classic styles, easily recognizable in elements such as the dresser and the large mirror. The elegant and characteristic leitmotiv of the double F, present in the decorations and central motif of the bed, grants elegance and personality to the furnishings, featuring highly sought-after functional elements such as the pull-out glass shelf of the dressing table.

In the Fantasia dining room, modernity merges with the antique grace of neoclassic styling touches, evident in the furnishings that compose it. Decorative elegance harmonizes perfectly in the contrast between structural linearity and curves, such as in the table and combination table and sideboard. Elements such as the hutch and the large mirror make the environment luminous. Elegance and comfort go hand in hand.

Contemporary style and classic lines are the masters here, creating an apparently contrasting combination inside the Fantasia living room furniture, capable of providing elegance and refinement. The luxurious sofas, the soft shapes of the couches (designed to be turned into beds) and the design of the other furnishings provide a strong aesthetic impact and a remarkable sense of conviviality, ideal for a living room to be enjoyed daily.

Arredo Classic - Fantasia Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Fantasia Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Fantasia Living Room Collection





The Leonardo collection is inspired by the history of Arredoclassic, with references to its hallmark lines to create new approaches and explore new architectural possibilities, to make ideas blossom.

Leonardo has evolved respect to the aesthetics that have made Italian style furniture great in the world, creating through the careful study of materials and fabrics, new volumes that coordinate well with the environments telling tales of everyday beauty. Each of the elements in this collection offer utmost classic elegance combined with contemporary rationality thus creating a room that balances both decoration and proportions.

The Leonardo collection is created so that all the elements that have made the Arredoclassic brand recognisable across the world could evolve by creating new games of volumes with special attention paid to the fabrics, finishes and noble quality materials.


The Leonardo bedroom welcomes you with its sense of harmony and splendour. Everything has been studied to the last detail to guarantee a room which exudes great charm, and emanates the princely ambience of nineteenth century Europe. An artist´s interpretation for a style inspired in the neoclassical canons of harmony and balance with rich and carefully considered decoration.

The dining room from the Leonardo collection captures the gilt reflections to arouse intense emotions. Furnishings designed to give you and your guests the pleasure of passing time in the essence of style in contact with the creativity and quality, unique to the labour of specialised craftsmen. This dining room has been conceived to be admired and provide every luxury desired.

Variety of volume and the search for different depths are the features which make the Leonardo living room accessories unique. The classical style which blends contemporary volumes sets your rooms a class apart. The ingenious intuition lies in interpreting the classical style for modern spaces without betraying the Italian spirit for furnishing style – result of strong traditions and a truly unique creativity.

Arredo Classic - Leonardo Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Leonardo Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Leonardo Living Room Collection





The Liberty collection embodies everything you may have ever dreamed of in your home: bright, elegant and always ready to amaze by revealing charming details, such as the handles that remind of a square spiral, a memory of noble and antique friezes.

The marbled finish in creamy tones matches the elegant silver frames, warmed up by a few touches of gilded leaf decorations. Simple, graceful lines make up the basic design of the collection, which is embellished with new luminous touches each time. Luxury and harmony in the rooms make your home the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

Classic style never goes out of fashion and can conquer anyone thanks to its harmonious, balanced and essential symmetries.In a collection such as Art Nouveau, Arredoclassic has decided to reinterpret this style by adding that touch of modernity that has made the company famous throughout the world.

Our quality that can meet the most elegant and refined tastes, through luxury solutions that always bring out innovative ideas that never betray the concept of beauty that defines the classic style.


The Liberty Bedroom recalls a neoclassic ambience – a neoclassicism in the vein of ancient models from Greek and Roman traditions. Elegant frames with geometric work mark the space and render it harmonious and elegant. The use of pure geometries is the key to the collection, which simplifies the base decoration, rightly leaving room for the artisanal working of the details and exquisite screen printing in 24-karat gold leaf.

The Liberty dining room is a class apart: a clear and clean light glistens over the glossy surfaces, finely decorated with geometric detail bordering. The details are particularly important: inspired by the antique friezes from Greek and Roman decoration to give a regal quality to the entire living area. A sophisticated monumentality fills the gaze with a beauty which only the classics can emanate.

The mellow lines of the sofa seating perfectly combine with the core geometries of the wall accessories and low tables in a harmonious balance with irrefutable charm. The canon of classic beauty in all its charm is invoked in the living rooms from the Liberty collection, a mix of classicism and flair of undeniably Italian design provenance. The feeling of space finds a perfect harmony in the study of the light of colours creating a symphony of rare preciousness.

Arredo Classic - Liberty Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Liberty Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Liberty Living Room Collection





The Melodia collection is a Made in Italy furniture line full of innovative ideas, created to renew the classic Italian style.

A collection with soft, romantic lines that takes us back to neoclassical atmospheres with a touch of art deco that embellishes the details with friezes and arabesques.

Design and fine materials remain the hallmarks of Arredoclassic’s production and are the common element across the collections, but the furnishings in the Melodia line can be recognised by their harmonious combination of volumetric solutions and decorative patterns.


The sweet and gently curves of the Melodia collection make it the perfect setting for your dreams. Decorated in warm and delicate tones of ivory, the features take on a unique twist when enriched with gilt decoration, frames and columns. The Melodia bedroom exudes a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where the comfort of the night area unites with the beauty of stylistic choices which recall classic aesthetic codes – harmonies which offer a rare authenticity.

Everything in the dining room from the Melodia collection is in perfect chromatic and stylistic harmony. Each element contributes towards making this furnishing solution coherent with the Italian spirit from which all the Arredoclassic creations stem. Every line, detail and gilding is conceived and executed with care, maintaining quality standards to the highest degree to guarantee not only a delightful ambience but a place to enjoy your home to the fullest.

The Melodia collection offers solutions to customise your living room which can be enriched with the value of capitonnè upholstery, unusual volumes and rich exquisite fabrics. A room which was designed to accommodate thus becomes a luxury area in your home – a reference point for guests and homeowners alike inspired in the typical European lifestyle. The lines from the gentle curves embrace your moments of leisure and the refined gilt work will overwhelm your gaze with intense brilliance.

Arredo Classic - Melodia Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Melodia Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Melodia Living Room Collection





Modigliani is the furnishing line by Arredoclassic that allows creating tastefully and elegantly furnished rooms in perfect classic Italian style. A décor inspired by the majesty of the Empire style that, amidst rich and refined details and gilded carvings creates cosy, elegant and unmistakable settings.

Neoclassical furnishing features refined design and timeless aesthetics that make it one of the most sought-after styles to decorate homes around the world today.

The colour palette offered by the Modigliani line, thanks to the use of walnut and elm burl finishes, contributes to make every area of the home look sophisticated, noble and important. In the Arredoclassic’s Modigliani line you can find everything that has always characterised the company’s work and made it famous across the world.


When it comes to the Modigliani Collection, the bedroom represents a comfortable and elegant oasis. A space where the body can find peace and relaxation, while the senses are indulged by the unmistakable charm of classic décor. Furniture with warm and appealing walnut tones and clean-cut, defined shapes is enlivened with touches of gold leaf. Every piece in this collection can be perfectly matched together, creating a refined and majestic feel to your neoclassical home.

A perfect balance of colour and materials reigns supreme in the Modigliani Dining Room Collection. Each piece of furniture exudes warm walnut tones, in an elegant contrast with elm-wood silk-screen prints, completed with precious gold-leaf friezes and motifs – essential details with an unmistakably refined touch – which adorn front panels and the empire-style columns found on each piece of furniture. A dining room collection with classic Italian charm, perfectly encapsulating the dictates of neoclassical style.

The Modigliani Lounge Collection communicates with an aesthetic language entirely based on classic Italian style. The items of furniture featured in this collection create atmospheres based on the balance between clean-cut lines and curved volume. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two lounge furniture lines, the Elysium – a collection of gold or walnut sofas and armchairs – or the comfortable Modigliani collection, characterised by elegant quilted seatbacks. Both options feature handmade golden decorations and motifs, details that boast stylistic continuity and meticulous attention to detail.

Arredo Classic - Modigliani Bedroom Collection Arredo Classic - Modigliani Dining Room Collection Arredo Classic - Modigliani Living Room Collection